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12 Gifts of Pleasure Giveaway: A Magical MysteryVibe Tour

Last updated December 14, 2018
12 Gifts of Pleasure Feature Blog

As it’s the most wonderful time of the year, we just couldn’t help but spoil your senses with some pleasurable treats in our seasonal giveaway!

Are you excited? Because we are! You can enter for the chance to win one of 12 prizes from our cheeky sensual delights – see more on the prizes below. The more you share the more chance you have of getting into the top 12 winners.

12 Gifts of Pleasure Giveaway

#12 The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman 

Perhaps you speak the language of touch? Perhaps your partner speaks the language of presence or maybe even presents? No matter what you or your partner’s love language is, this book will help you discover and learn all of them, helping you to ignite elements from each of your senses and connect with your partner on a much deeper level.


#11 Good Clean Love – Caribbean Rose Love Oil & Almost Naked Water-Based Lubricant 

If you do speak the language of touch, this oil is definitely an essential one. A powerful love potion concocted to intoxicate your partner into bliss during your sensual evenings together. Let them succumb under your spell during an aromatic massage that you can both lose yourself in. The water-based lubricant is also perfectly compatible to use with silicone sex toys.


#10 The New InterCourses: An Aphrodisiac CookBook by Terrace Partners 

Feed your sexual appetite with these aphrodisiac recipes, cooked only for the gods of love. Whether you are cooking, eating or feeding, you won’t want to miss out on these dishes when you are setting up an intimate dining experience. If you want a teaser for what makes this book so great, just check out our Natural Aphrodisiac Foods piece.

#9 Sliquid – Silver Premium Lube & Sassy Water-Based Lube

Silver premium lubricant is the perfect choice for lube that you want to last. Made from silicone you can indulge in the silkiness of it’s texture on your skin and slip into a seductive sanctuary. However Sassy water-based lube is totally compatible with all sex toy materials, and will slide you into an endless pool of pleasure, thick enough for your anal delights. So why not spill over into sensual ecstasy with these Sliquid lubes?

For more information on lubricant and sex toy compatibility just head over to our Ultimate Guide For Sex Toy Materials.


#8 Eve Flare – Portable Smart LED Lamp

This colour-changing water-resistant portable mood-light is great for setting erotic scenes for personalising your steamiest nights in. Just connect it to Siri and the next time you want to turn up the heat in the bedroom just say “Hey Siri, set the mood to steamy!” Only available with an EU plug but will soon be releasing a US version. 


#7 Burgundy Fox – Premium Lingerie Gift Box

Feeling foxy has never been easier! Tempt your partner’s visual delight and become the candy cane for them to drool over in premium customisable lingerie. This curated collection of lingerie perfect for those special occasions is tailored to suit all bodies and will undoubtedly be your most delectable apparel.


#6 MysteryVibe’s Tenuto – A Wearable Smart Vibrator for Men

Elevate your sexual experience and intensify your intimacy with longer play and simultaneous pleasure. Tenuto is a wearable smart vibrator that is perfectly personalised to excite, tease, massage and please you and your partner. Use the MysteryApp to remote control your pleasure. 


#5 MysteryVibe’s Crescendo – A Body Adaptable Smart Vibrator

Embark on a journey to discover new erogenous zones & express your most confident sexual self with the bendable smart vibrator you’ll wish you always had. With your smartphone you can create your very own vibrations. Sleek, silky, and bends to adapt to your body, making it a wonderful to explore solo or with a partner.


#4 Killing Kittens – 1 Year Membership Subscription Including 10% Off Parties

At Killing Kitten’s world famous play parties you can explore your most hedonistic desires. Let your pupils dilate at the excitement while you unleash your sexuality, let go of inhibitions, blossom in confidence and fulfil your sexual desires. Here, you will discover that “sexy is not a shape, it’s an attitude.”


#3 CloudTen – Amora Sateen Bed Sheets 

Slumber in this blissful experience with the silkiest, softest, most buttery and smooth, absurdly comfortable sheets. You won’t be able to go back to anything else…and neither will your partner.


#2 Rosebud Woman – Luxury Personal Skincare Gift Set 

Revel in luxurious plant-based vaginal skincare for your most sensual self. Rosebud has sensitively formulated a cream to soothe, a cleanser to refresh, a balm to replenish, and a serum to tingle and plump you into paradise. Use these self-care products as a ritual to honour yourself in every way.


# 1 Jordan Gray – Supercharge Your Sex Life & Sexual Mastery Courses 

Men, just imagine: your sex life changed…forever. With these 2 in-depth video training courses, your sexual skills will be taken to the next level. Here you will discover the confidence you need to be the best lover. This will be the gift that just keeps on giving. 


You’d be crazy to miss out on this giveaway…so enter now!

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