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The curve of the tip makes it incredible for use on the front wall of the vagina. You can fold Crescendo on itself (U - shaped) and have tremendous inner and outer pleasure at the same time. Used in the shape of an 'S' also can stimulate the anus and perineum at the same time ... makeing this a fantastic toy during oral sex!

Women's Health

New York

This Is The One Vibrator That Brought Back My Sex Drive While I Was Taking Antidepressants. Using the Crescendo actually reminded me what it was like to feel like a woman again. It was like I came back to life as soon as I turned it on. The best part of it is that it can bend into so many different shapes. I’ve always enjoyed sex with men whose penises have a little curve to them. With the Crescendo, I can create as many kinds of curves and imagine as many kinds of men as I want.



I've been a die-hard rabbit fan for a long time, but I have to say, after trying a new toy that's been launched, I think I'm a convert. Basically, it was awesome. If you're a vibrator connoisseur it's worth it. It has everything I've liked about my rabbits, but with way more options to play around with if you're in a funk. Plus, it's by far the fanciest and highest quality vibrator I've ever owned. If you want to splash out and treat yourself, this is the Valentine's Day gift to go for.

Jordan Gray


The single best sex toy for women AND men. Regardless of whether you’re cradling your testicles with it or using it to bring your G-spot to new heights this little gift gets into all of the fun-to-reach places. Each folding part has it’s own motor inside of it, so there aren’t any ‘dead-zone’s’ in terms of the vibrator not vibrating. The whole thing feels very alive, all the way through. There’s also a perfect amount of stickiness to the moving parts. A+!



This flexible vibrator from sex-tech start-up MysteryVibe is hyper-adaptable and can be bent in almost any position. It can curl up to hit a G-spot, lay perfectly flat between two bodies during sex, or even wrap around a penis for a turbo-charged handjob.

The Independent


The toy takes little moulding to get into the perfect position. Once you find it, it’s an impressive addition and bumps sex that could otherwise feel a little routine into a more intense experience. The app means that you can control the vibrations from your phone, during sex, foreplay or even as a flirty warm up.


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