How else can I use Tenuto?

You can use Tenuto in a number of different ways – as a nipple stimulator, as a cock ring or as a masturbatory sleeve. You can find lots of ideas of how to use it in our Tenuto Playbook!

Can Tenuto be worn during intercourse?

Tenuto is designed to be able to be worn comfortably during intercourse. The motor on top of Tenuto can also stimulate the genitals of the partner, meaning that Tenuto is pleasurable for both people. 

How do I clean my Tenuto?

We recommend cleaning Tenuto before first and after every use, either with soap and water. or a specialised toy cleaner. You can safely run Tenuto under the tap but we don’t recommend completely submerging it in water as this may damage it.

How do I clean my Crescendo?

Crescendo is 100% waterproof and so you can safely submerge it in water to clean it. We recommend cleaning it before and after use, using either soap and water or a specialised toy cleaner. 

How do I wear Tenuto?

Make sure Tenuto is turned on before putting it on. We also recommend connecting to the app in order to be able to control Tenuto whilst wearing it.

Before wearing Tenuto, generously apply water-based lubricant on Tenuto , your penis, or both. Tenuto is best placed during arousal stage. Stretch and open the “wings” and slide on. Sit testicles above Tenuto or place through the opening below, one at a time. Once Tenuto is on, enjoy a firm grip and play stronger for longer. 

Do the raised wings on Crescendo vibrate?

There are 2 vibration motors under the raised wings – one at each end of it. The wings transfer the vibrations from these motors along its edges to produce a ‘distributed rumble’.

How easy is it to travel with Crescendo? Can I charge it in other countries?

Crescendo is perfect for traveling, especially when taking in your hand luggage. Crescendo comes with a travel pouch for discreet safekeeping whilst you travel. Since Crescendo’s wireless induction charger connects to any USB power outlet (or computer), you can charge it on any plug, anywhere in the world.

Is Crescendo safe for anal play?

While some male sex toy experts have written about their experience using Crescendo as a anal toy, we do not recommend using it as such. Due to the way the rectal muscles work, unless the toy has a flared base, there is always the possibility of it getting sucked into the body during anal play.

How can Crescendo be used on the penis?

Crescendo makes an excellent male masturbator toy – there are examples of how to use it in our Playbook. You can bend Crescendo into a J shape and position it along the underside of your shaft and over the glans, or you can bend it into an O shape and run it up and down the length of your shaft with lots of water-based lube.

Can Crescendo be used during intercourse?

Yes, Crescendo is a really great toy for use during intercourse! It can be used both externally or internally during intercourse and we have even won awards for being the best sex toy for couples. You can also download our Playbook for more ideas on how to incorporate Crescendo into your partnered sex.

How do I create my own vibes?

You can create your own vibes on the MysteryVibe App. Swipe down to the vibes menu and then tap ‘create’. From there, you can design your own vibration patterns, choosing the vibration pattern and intensity in each of the six motors indvidually.

Once you have created your own vibe, you can give it a name and add it to your Crescendo or Tenuto by saving it to your library and adding it to your device.

Check out our step-by-step video guide on using the app here.


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