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How is Crescendo for a first time vibrator?

Most of our customers tell us that Crescendo is their very first vibrator. We think it is the perfect toy for anyone looking to explore, discover and stimulate their body in new ways. As everyone’s body is unique, Crescendo’s bendability allows users to make it ‘their’ toy without needing to plan in advance what could work for them! That’s why Crescendo also makes a great gift for your partner.

Would you recommend any other products to use alongside the Crescendo?

We would recommend using a water based lubricant along with Crescendo to make the experience even better. Also, body lotions and oils are a great addition if you like to lead up to your toy time by giving your partner a sensual massage.

I saw an article on Crescendo on Nerve.com was wondering if you could tell me more about what’s different between this sex toy compared to others?

Crescendo is truly unique as it is infinite toys in 1. Instead of having to guess what will work for you or your partner, you can adapt Crescendo’s shape – simply by bending it – and reach and stimulate new erogenous zones in your body you didn’t know existed.

Another exciting aspect of Crescendo, that we particularly love, is that it is the only toy in the world that was designed in close collaboration with 1,000 real users in 50+ countries. It is now loved by over 10,000 users across the world and growing every day. You can find many expert reviews of Crescendo on https://mysteryvibe.tumblr.com/reviews


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