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How do I charge my Crescendo?

Before placing Crescendo on the charger, make sure the charger is connected to a good USB power source – ideally a laptop rather than a wall plug. Once plugged in, check that the charge shows 3 lights in a sequence – Red, Green, Orange like in this video. After that, place Crescendo flat on the charger with the plus and minus buttons aligned with the arrow on the charger as shown in the video. The light on the back of the charger will start to blink green indicating charging. Once charging is complete, this light will go solid green.

My Crescendo isn’t charging

If the light on the side of the charger turns solid red when you place Crescendo on it, this means that it isn’t aligned properly. Try lifting Crescendo off the charger and placing it down again, making sure the plus and minus buttons on Crescendo are aligned with the small arrow on the side of the charger. Once it is in the correct position, the charger light will start flashing green, and the lights on the side of Crescendo will begin to pulse gently. You can see how to align it correctly in this video.

How long does the battery last?

Crescendo takes 45 minutes to charge and should last an hour at full power – it will last a lot longer on a lower setting.

Tenuto takes around an hour to charge and should last 90 minutes at full power.

How do I charge my Tenuto?

To charge Tenuto, plug in the micro USB wire into the charge socket at the back of Tenuto. 

You can connect the USB wire to any USB plug or computer for power. The light on the underside of Tenuto will double blink to indicate charging. When charging is complete the light will go off.


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