My phone is asking for a PIN number when I try and connect

Some Android phones will prompt you to enter a PIN number when connecting your Crescendo or Tenuto to the app. This PIN number is assigned by your phone, not by the app, but the most common code is 000000. If you are still unable to connect, try going to settings > applications > all > Bluetooth share and clicking ‘force stop’, then ‘clear cache’ and then ‘clear data’ – you should now be able to connect successfully.

How do I swap between Crescendo and Tenuto on the app?

To change between Crescendo and Tenuto on the app, swipe down to the vibes menu and then click the gear at the top right. Scroll down in the settings menu and you will see ‘swap device’ – here you can change between Crescendo and Tenuto. Click ‘save’ and then ‘done’ and you will now be able to connect the new device you have chosen.

I get an error when I try to update Crescendo’s firmware using the app?

The Crescendo firmware file quite a large one and the file transfer takes around 15 minutes. If there are any interruptions during this time, such as a phone call, Bluetooth interference, it could show an error. In this case, simply tap on the circle again to restart the update and it should work perfectly.

If you are still having problems, please try going into your Bluetooth settings and forgetting your Crescendo, then delete and reinstall the app. The firmware should now download with no errors. If you’re still having problems after trying this please email and we will be able to help further.

Does the app work on Windows phones?

Unfortunately, since Microsoft has discontinued support for Window Phone OS, the MysteryVibe App is only available on iOS & Android.

What distance can I control Crescendo or Tenuto from using the app?

The MysteryVibe app works on Bluetooth low energy technology and can be used to control Crescendo or Tenuto within a 10-metre (30 feet) range – objects such as walls will reduce this distance.

We are also working on creating a long-distance version of the app where you will be able to connect with your partner via wifi and control their device over much larger distances. We don’t currently have a release date for this yet as we want to make sure it is as secure as possible – your privacy and security are our top priorities!

When I connect to the app, it asks me to update my device – why is that?

We regularly release new features to make our products even more exciting as well as to fix bugs. The update file is quite large and can take around 15 minutes to complete, however you will only need to do this once after an app update.

How do I create my own vibes?

You can create your own vibes on the MysteryVibe App. Swipe down to the vibes menu and then tap ‘create’. From there, you can design your own vibration patterns, choosing the vibration pattern and intensity in each of the six motors indvidually.

Once you have created your own vibe, you can give it a name and add it to your Crescendo or Tenuto by saving it to your library and adding it to your device.

Check out our step-by-step video guide on using the app here.


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