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My phone is asking for a PIN number when I try and connect

Some Android phones will prompt you to enter a PIN number when connecting your Crescendo or Tenuto to the app. This PIN number is assigned by your phone, not by the app, but the most common code is 000000. If you are still unable to connect, try going to settings > applications > all > Bluetooth share and clicking ‘force stop’, then ‘clear cache’ and then ‘clear data’ – you should now be able to connect successfully.

How else can I use Tenuto?

You can use Tenuto in a number of different ways – as a nipple stimulator, as a cock ring or as a masturbatory sleeve. You can find lots of ideas of how to use it in our Tenuto Playbook!

Can Tenuto be worn during intercourse?

Tenuto is designed to be able to be worn comfortably during intercourse. The motor on top of Tenuto can also stimulate the genitals of the partner, meaning that Tenuto is pleasurable for both people. 

How do I swap between Crescendo and Tenuto on the app?

To change between Crescendo and Tenuto on the app, swipe down to the vibes menu and then click the gear at the top right. Scroll down in the settings menu and you will see ‘swap device’ – here you can change between Crescendo and Tenuto. Click ‘save’ and then ‘done’ and you will now be able to connect the new device you have chosen.

How do I clean my Tenuto?

We recommend cleaning Tenuto before first and after every use, either with soap and water. or a specialised toy cleaner. You can safely run Tenuto under the tap but we don’t recommend completely submerging it in water as this may damage it.

How do I clean my Crescendo?

Crescendo is 100% waterproof and so you can safely submerge it in water to clean it. We recommend cleaning it before and after use, using either soap and water or a specialised toy cleaner. 

How can I become an affiliate for MysteryVibe?

You can sign up to become an affiliate by going to our affiliate page here.

How do I wear Tenuto?

Make sure Tenuto is turned on before putting it on. We also recommend connecting to the app in order to be able to control Tenuto whilst wearing it.

Before wearing Tenuto, generously apply water-based lubricant on Tenuto , your penis, or both. Tenuto is best placed during arousal stage. Stretch and open the “wings” and slide on. Sit testicles above Tenuto or place through the opening below, one at a time. Once Tenuto is on, enjoy a firm grip and play stronger for longer. 

Can I return a product if I change my mind?

If you change your mind and decide you no longer want your product, you can return it UNOPENED for a full refund within 30 days of purchasing. Please email quoting your order reference number and we can let you know how to return your order to us.

Unfortunately, due to the intimate nature of our products, we cannot refund or exchange unwanted items if they have been used or any of the original packaging is missing, opened, or broken.

How can I ship to a different address than my billing address?

To prevent fraud, we don’t allow customers to have their orders delivered to a different address than their billing address when paying directly on our site. To get around this, we recommend paying via Paypal – when you click ‘pay with Paypal’, scroll to the bottom of the pop-up window and you will see the option to pay by Debit or Credit Card – you can then enter a separate billing and shipping address.

Will my order be shipped discreetly?

We take great care with all our warehouses and courier partners to make sure the packaging is as discreet as possible. We believe that discretion is a major part of making our customer experience exceptional, so your order will be shipped out in plain packaging and won’t mention ‘sex’ or ‘vibrator’ anywhere.

Please note that international orders may contain a customs declaration.

US Orders

We ship all our US orders from our Kentucky warehouse using Fedex. We aim to deliver all mainland US orders within two working days. However, depending on rare factors such as unusually high order volume, warehouse closures etc,  it can occasionally take up to seven working days for your order to be fulfilled.

We are not responsible for lost or stolen shipments. Please ensure your destination has a secure point of delivery. Tracking numbers are provided by email at the time of shipment. 

Please ensure your destination has a secure point of delivery. Note that although tracking numbers are sent when the order has been packaged for shipment, tracking information does not start to update until the package has arrived at the processing center. Please contact us with any questions you may have. 

UK and EU Orders

All of our European orders are shipped out from our warehouse in Manchester, UK. We ship using either DPD or Royal Mail tracked. 

We are not responsible for lost or stolen shipments. Please ensure your destination has a secure point of delivery. Tracking numbers are provided by email at the time of shipment.  

Please ensure your destination has a secure point of delivery. Note that although tracking numbers are sent when the order has been packaged for shipment, tracking information does not start to update until the package has arrived at the processing center. Please contact us with any questions you may have. 

International Orders

NOTE: International shipping does not include duties and taxes. Your local customs or post office may require charge additional fees upon receipt. Please check with them if you are unsure.

We ship out all non-US and non-European orders from our warehouse in Hong Kong. Delivery times can be affected by a number of factors but most orders will be delivered with 10 working days of the order being placed.

We mark our customs forms as discreetly as possible, calling our products “personal massagers” in the item description. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that these items are acceptable for import to their country. 

Are there any countries you cannot currently ship to?

We currently cannot ship to Serbia, Ukraine, Thailand, Malaysia, mainland China, India, Africa or South America (excluding Mexico) due to customs restrictions. If local law is prohibitive and your order is seized, unfortunately there isn’t anything we can do in these situations and your order will likely be lost.

If for any reason we are unable to send your order out to you, we will let you know as soon as possible and refund you in full. 


How much is shipping?

Shipping is free! Please note that any customs or import duties are not included and you may be required to pay these upon receipt.

I get an error when I try to update Crescendo’s firmware using the app?

The Crescendo firmware file quite a large one and the file transfer takes around 15 minutes. If there are any interruptions during this time, such as a phone call, Bluetooth interference, it could show an error. In this case, simply tap on the circle again to restart the update and it should work perfectly.

If you are still having problems, please try going into your Bluetooth settings and forgetting your Crescendo, then delete and reinstall the app. The firmware should now download with no errors. If you’re still having problems after trying this please email and we will be able to help further.

How do I restore factory settings on my Crescendo or Tenuto?

Make sure the device you want to reset is connected to the app. On the MysteryVibe app, swipe down to the vibe store. Tap on the gear at the top right and select ‘restore factory settings’. This will replace the vibes you currently have on your device with the original, pre-loaded ones.

Does the app work on Windows phones?

Unfortunately, since Microsoft has discontinued support for Window Phone OS, the MysteryVibe App is only available on iOS & Android.

What distance can I control Crescendo or Tenuto from using the app?

The MysteryVibe app works on Bluetooth low energy technology and can be used to control Crescendo or Tenuto within a 10-metre (30 feet) range – objects such as walls will reduce this distance.

We are also working on creating a long-distance version of the app where you will be able to connect with your partner via wifi and control their device over much larger distances. We don’t currently have a release date for this yet as we want to make sure it is as secure as possible – your privacy and security are our top priorities!

When I connect to the app, it asks me to update my device – why is that?

We regularly release new features to make our products even more exciting as well as to fix bugs. The update file is quite large and can take around 15 minutes to complete, however you will only need to do this once after an app update.

Where do I enter my discount code?

When you have added the items you want to buy to your basket, go to your cart and in the yellow box on the right hand side you will see a link that says ‘gift card or coupon code’. Click here and enter your code and your dicount will be automatically applied.

Is Crescendo a good first-time vibrator?

Most of our customers tell us that Crescendo is their very first vibrator. We think it is the perfect toy for anyone looking to explore, discover and stimulate their body in new ways. As everyone’s body is unique, Crescendo’s bendability allows users to make it ‘their’ toy without needing to plan in advance what could work for them! That’s why Crescendo also makes a great gift for your partner.

Can I use lube with Crescendo?

We would recommend using a water-based lubricant along with Crescendo to make the experience even better. Also, body lotions and oils are a great addition if you like to lead up to your toy time by giving your partner a sensual massage.

What makes Crescendo unique?

Crescendo is unique in a number of ways – the most exciting being that it can be infinite toys in one! Because of its bendable design, you can flex Crescendo into whatever shape works best for you or your partner – maybe a curved shape to stimulate the G-spot, or a J shape to curve around the head of the penis. Crescendo is also designed to be gender-neutral so it can be used by people of all genders.

Crescendo also has six motors inside the length of the shaft, so there are no dead zones. All of the motors can be controlled and programmed individually using the app so you can create a vibe that is completely tailored to you.

For more ideas of how to use Crescendo, check out our Playbook.

What shapes can you bend Crescendo into?

Crescendo can be bent into as many shapes as you want. Simply bend it with your hand and it can take any shape like an ‘I’, a ‘C’, a ‘U’, a ‘L’, a ‘O’, a ‘S’ and everything in between. You will find lots of exciting shapes and play ideas in our Crescendo Playbook.

Where are your products made?

Our hardware is designed in London, UK and our software is designed in New York, USA. The complete product is assembled in China under the highest international quality standards.

Are your products tested on animals?

We do not test our products on animals. We take great care in making sure every aspect of our manufacturing and sourcing process is thoroughly tested and certified to ensure 100% ethical production.

Where can I find the serial number to register my warranty?

On Crescendo, you can find the serial number on the bottom of the charger – it will be a long number starting with MV.

On Tenuto, the first batch don’t have a serial number so please use your order number instead. This will be a four or five digit number that you can find on your order confirmation.

What are your products made of?

All of our products are made from high quality, FDA-approved silicone.

What size is Crescendo?

Crescendo is a relatively slim and narrow toy, which is what makes it great for people who may not already own a vibrator. Crescendo is 1.6 inches x 1.4 inches at the widest point, and it’s 8.5 inches long. At the narrow end the circumference is 3.5 inches and at the wider end the circumference is 4.75 inches (excluding the fins). In metric, this is 3.5cm x 4cm at the widest point and 21cm long, with a circumference of 9cm at the narrow end and 12cm at the other end.

Crescendo weighs 160g.

Where can I buy your products in person?

You will find a selection of our retail partners listed on our Contact Us page. Please email us at if you would like to know if we sell in a specific country or store.

How do I charge my Crescendo?

Before placing Crescendo on the charger, make sure the charger is connected to a good USB power source – ideally a laptop rather than a wall plug. Once plugged in, check that the charge shows 3 lights in a sequence – Red, Green, Orange like in this video. After that, place Crescendo flat on the charger with the plus and minus buttons aligned with the arrow on the charger as shown in the video. The light on the back of the charger will start to blink green indicating charging. Once charging is complete, this light will go solid green.

My Crescendo isn’t charging

If the light on the side of the charger turns solid red when you place Crescendo on it, this means that it isn’t aligned properly. Try lifting Crescendo off the charger and placing it down again, making sure the plus and minus buttons on Crescendo are aligned with the small arrow on the side of the charger. Once it is in the correct position, the charger light will start flashing green, and the lights on the side of Crescendo will begin to pulse gently. You can see how to align it correctly in this video.

How long does the battery last?

Crescendo takes 45 minutes to charge and should last an hour at full power – it will last a lot longer on a lower setting.

Tenuto takes around an hour to charge and should last 90 minutes at full power.

How do I charge my Tenuto?

To charge Tenuto, plug in the micro USB wire into the charge socket at the back of Tenuto. 

You can connect the USB wire to any USB plug or computer for power. The light on the underside of Tenuto will double blink to indicate charging. When charging is complete the light will go off.

Do the raised wings on Crescendo vibrate?

There are 2 vibration motors under the raised wings – one at each end of it. The wings transfer the vibrations from these motors along its edges to produce a ‘distributed rumble’.

How easy is it to travel with Crescendo? Can I charge it in other countries?

Crescendo is perfect for traveling, especially when taking in your hand luggage. Crescendo comes with a travel pouch for discreet safekeeping whilst you travel. Since Crescendo’s wireless induction charger connects to any USB power outlet (or computer), you can charge it on any plug, anywhere in the world.

Is Crescendo safe for anal play?

While some male sex toy experts have written about their experience using Crescendo as a anal toy, we do not recommend using it as such. Due to the way the rectal muscles work, unless the toy has a flared base, there is always the possibility of it getting sucked into the body during anal play.

How can Crescendo be used on the penis?

Crescendo makes an excellent male masturbator toy – there are examples of how to use it in our Playbook. You can bend Crescendo into a J shape and position it along the underside of your shaft and over the glans, or you can bend it into an O shape and run it up and down the length of your shaft with lots of water-based lube.

Can Crescendo be used during intercourse?

Yes, Crescendo is a really great toy for use during intercourse! It can be used both externally or internally during intercourse and we have even won awards for being the best sex toy for couples. You can also download our Playbook for more ideas on how to incorporate Crescendo into your partnered sex.

How do I create my own vibes?

You can create your own vibes on the MysteryVibe App. Swipe down to the vibes menu and then tap ‘create’. From there, you can design your own vibration patterns, choosing the vibration pattern and intensity in each of the six motors indvidually.

Once you have created your own vibe, you can give it a name and add it to your Crescendo or Tenuto by saving it to your library and adding it to your device.

Check out our step-by-step video guide on using the app here.

Do your products have the CE mark?

Yes, our products have been tested and conform to CE regulations. 


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