8 Ways to Bring a Dead Bedroom Back to Life

Your bedroom plays an incredibly powerful role in your sexual health and satisfaction. 


Aug 29 7 min read
8 Ways to Bring a Dead Bedroom Back to Life

Your bedroom plays an incredibly powerful role in your sexual health and satisfaction. If you devote attention to it, the time you spend in your bedroom can give a major boost to your sexual happiness. On the flip side, neglect can lead to a dead bedroom that can zap your sexual energy and desire when you walk through the door. Below is a look at some simple ways to transform your bedroom from dead to dynamic. We've also included what we think is the single best way to bring a dead bedroom back to life.

What are the symptoms of a "dead" bedroom?

You may wonder how a bedroom could be characterized as dead. After all, death is something that affects people - not rooms within a home. To best understand the concept of a dead bedroom, it helps to review a few definitions of "dead" provided by Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

  • "Being out of action or out of use."
  • "Lacking warmth, vigor, or taste."
  • "No longer producing or functioning."
  • "Lacking in gaiety or animation."

Clearly, each of these definitions is negative in nature. And when you apply them to your bedroom, the implications can be a bit depressing. If you are still not sure whether your bedroom is dead or alive, take a minute or two to answer the five short questions below. If you answer "No" to one or more of these questions, then you definitely need to take action and infuse some life into your bedroom!

  • "Can you remember the last time you and your partner enjoyed each other sexually in your bedroom?"
  • "Is your bedroom warm and tasteful in its appearance?"
  • "Do you have a rule to put away computers, phones, and other communication tools while you are in the bedroom?"
  • "Do you feel happy and sexually alive when you are in your bedroom?"
  • "Do you and your partner look forward to being in your bedroom?"

1) Strive to stimulate all five senses

If you can only remember one of these ten tips, this is the one! Your bedroom should be a place that can actively arouse your five senses. As you craft a plan to give your bedroom some well-needed attention, make sure you do not focus only on how your bedroom looks. Ideally, you should take steps to ensure that your changes positively impact all of the key senses below:

  • Sight: An inviting appearance is essential to creating a bedroom environment that boosts your pleasure.
  • Smell: Scented oils, incense, or candles can turn a stale-smelling bedroom into an alluring haven for you and your significant other.
  • Sound: Soft music or a simple sound machine can help drown out unwanted noise and create a peaceful ambiance in your bedroom.
  • Touch: Soft bedding, rugs, and pillows feel great to the touch and also help to absorb noise.
  • Taste: Keep a stash of flavored lube in your nightstand drawer to satisfy your taste buds while in your bedroom.

2) Take some time to declutter and clean

inviting bedroom

The path to an inviting bedroom begins with a clean, inviting space. You can give your bedroom a fresh new look without spending a penny by setting aside some time to declutter your bedroom. By removing unwanted items from your bedroom, you create space to move about and comfortably act out your sexual fantasies. 

A good rule of thumb for the decluttering process is to first remove any broken or non-functional items you uncover. You can either recycle these items or throw them away. Next, set aside anything you have not used or enjoyed for years. If those items are in good condition, you and your partner can donate them to a charitable organization. Finally, give your room a thorough cleaning, seeking the services of a professional cleaning company if necessary. 

3) Give your lighting some attention

It is hard to breathe life into your bedroom when you have had the same overhead light in your bedroom for years. Strategically placed lighting can give your bedroom an entirely new look on its own. Here are just a few ways to use lighting to create a romantic, fiery or lively mood in your bedroom:

  • Install a dimmer switch: Being able to adjust the intensity of your lights to set a sexy mood is a great first step to adjusting your lights.
  • Get rid of fluorescent lighting: Fluorescent lights are dated and contain mercury. They can also flicker off and on, causing headaches and killing the overall vibe.
  • Update your lampshades: Replacing a drab shade with a warm red one or a cool blue one is an affordable way to enhance your lighting.
  • Consider using candles: Candles exude warmth and beauty to help create a sultry bedroom environment.

4) Hang a new mirror (or two!)

Mirrors offer a host of benefits to people looking to improve the ambiance in their bedroom. For starters, they help make small bedrooms appear larger by creating the illusion of space. They can also help you brighten a dull bedroom by reflecting sunlight and artificial lighting present in opposite areas of your bedroom. And finally, a large mirror can hide imperfections in your wall while giving you and your partner a multitude of ways to use your new mirror to spice up your lovemaking!

5) Spruce up your bedding

When your bed has been hiding under the same stained and dated bedspread for years, it is no wonder that your bedroom does not feel more alive. You do not have to spend a pretty penny to update your bedding and pillows. In fact, many discount retailers offer affordably priced "Bed in a Bag" sets that include a fitted sheet, flat sheet, two pillow cases, two pillow shams, and a plush comforter. You can transform your bedroom's look and feel in a matter of minutes! Here are some suggestions to help you choose great bedding:

  • Start by throwing away any torn, stained, or scratchy sheets or comforters that make your bed look or feel unappealing.
  • Avoid flannel or linen sheets in favor of cotton sheets. Flannel can get too hot and linen wrinkles easily.
  • Consider a reversible comforter that will allow you to give your bedroom multiple looks without spending extra money 

6) Leave cell phones and tablets in their chargers

You can make a million positive changes to your bedroom, but if you and your partner refuse to "unplug" long enough to enjoy those changes, your efforts will be in vain. Before you finish transforming your bedroom, resolve to make one final update: Invest in an attractive charging station and supplies for your smartphones, tablets, and computers. Then, choose a designated spot in your bedroom to set up your charging stations and resolve to put your devices in that station before you hit the sheets. Make sure you involve your partner in this step to guarantee their buy-in! 

7) Keep your favorite sex toys within reach

Your sex toy collection can prove to be the most powerful tool in your bedroom-enhancing arsenal. Whether your favorite sex toy is the latest bendable vibrator that conforms to your every curve or a wearable device that stimulates pleasure in men, you can liven up your dull bedroom with sex toys.

And if you are ready to truly spice up your regular bedroom routine, you enhance your pleasure with the convenient MysteryVibe App. If you do not currently have any sex toys but would like to enjoy them with your partner, you can receive valuable guidance from a specialist in sexual health products

8) Open your windows and doors

open window fresh air bedroom

Opening your windows and doors helps to bring your bedroom back to life without having to pay a cent. As long as you have intact screens and the outdoor temperature is not too unforgiving, you can have clean, fresh air infiltrating your bedroom in a matter of seconds. And depending on the weather conditions, you may enjoy the added sensation of a gentle breeze. Finally, depending on where you live, you can enjoy the peaceful sound of chirping birds, flowing water, an isolated rain shower, or the soft sound of traffic.

While this suggestion typically produces pleasant results, it can also have the opposite effect if you live in an area where noise pollution is high. Excavators, jack-hammers, screaming, barking dogs, and other noisemakers can ruin the sexy mood you have created. You may wish to keep your windows closed until the outdoor noise subsides. You can open the blinds to let some light in, and use a plug-in or some incense to create a pleasant scent in your bedroom.

What is the single best way to bring a dead bedroom back to life?

As outlined above, there are many ways to infuse some life into a drab bedroom. However, the single best way to bring a dead bedroom back to life is to reach out to an expert in the sexual health industry. An industry expert can help you unlock your bedroom's potential with the latest tools and technology.


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