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The High Notes: Curiosity, Cunnilingus, FGM

Last updated September 5, 2018

The High Notes – Issue #36

Welcome back to The High Notes – your curation of the best and most pleasurable news from around the world.

This issue, we’re talking about: 

Period adverts.  Future of sex.  Curiosity.  Orgasm myths.  Shared erotica.  Body-shaming vaginas.  Cunning linguists.  Sextech & the law. FGM.  

STACCATO – short and sharp, quick reads

–   FINALLY. Bodyform have become the first brand to show realistic period blood in its new advert. Three cheers for Bodyform! 

–  Did you catch me on Technotopia chatting about the future of sex? 

PODCAST  – curious about sex?

–   After asking you about it a few months ago, I only went and made a podcast with two of my close friends in the industry! It’s called The Curious Nature of Sex, and over 10 episodes we’ll explore the intersection between love, sex, dating and technology. Our first episode focuses on dating. Can’t wait for you to hear it! 

A PIACERE  – enjoy at your pleasure

–   A new study has busted the myth that women need to ‘switch off’ to orgasm. The most detailed study of orgasm brain activity to date, it has also answered the question of why women feel less pain during and just after climax. Highly recommended read.

–  Enough of the tired old idea that erotica is bad for relationships. Here’s a few ways it can strengthen your bond with your partner. 

–  A new survey has revealed that the thing women want to hear most in bed is “you’re so tight”. In response, Rebecca Reid has written this incredibly important article on body-shaming women and myths around vaginal tightness.

ADAGIO – longer reads, dive a little deeper

–  Are you a cunning linguist? Quartz have analysed the words and phrases used in sex research over the past 50 years. TL;DR – we’re becoming much more progressive and sexually open minded.

–  There was a really fantastic event on sextech, adult entertainment and the future of law recently – if you’re interested in data, high tech sex dolls & how we need to change our legal frameworks, Pandora Blake has published a great write up from the event

–  Meet the young women who have created an app to help curb the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM). 

–  Would you exchange sex for cheaper rent? I missed this article when it first came out, but in a city of rising living costs it’s just as relevant. And concerning.  


Busy couple of weeks my side – I’d definitely recommend listening to my new podcast. If you like it, please share it far and wide, I’d really appreciate it.

Let’s keep elevating the discussion on pleasure. Have a great week.

Always yours,
Stephanie Alys

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