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The High Notes: Sex dolls, Orgasm Gap, Infidelity

Last updated December 10, 2018
Sextech Salon with The KinkKit: Communication Made Seriously Sexy

The High Notes – Issue #35

Welcome back to The High Notes – your curation of the best and most pleasurable news from around the world.

This issue, we’re talking about: 

Defining your sex life.  Sex dolls.  Play parties.  Decline of sex drive.  Orgasm difficulties.  bodyNET.  Why happy people cheat.  Graphic erotica.  Slutty cinema.  

STACCATO – short and sharp, quick reads

–   How would you define your sex life in one word? Could you? Bustle asks 14 women to – with some surprising results. 

–  A sex doll sharing service has been banned in China, just four days after it launched. The dolls could have been rented for the equivalent of $45 a day.

–  Here’s a great piece in CNN about when you and your partner have mismatched libidos

A PIACERE  – enjoy at your pleasure

–   How sex parties changed the way one woman viewed her sexual assault – and helped her to heal. Powerful piece on consent. Recommended.  

–  A study reported in The Telegraph found that women in relationships lasting over a year were more likely to lose their interest in sex than men. It also found that women were more likely to be put off by a bad first sexual experience than men.

–  Are you / your female partner struggling to reach orgasm? Sophie Saint Thomas outlines 9 reasons why this may be happening, including one we don’t talk about often enough – the effect of antidepressants. 

ADAGIO – longer reads, dive a little deeper

–  Bring on the bodyNET – a network of sensors, screens and smart devices woven into our clothes and implanted in our skin. The article doesn’t allude to how this may change sex in the future – but it’s a intriguing look at the future of body technology. Highly recommended reading. 

–  An absolutely fascinating article on why happy people cheat on their marriage by one of my favourite writers – Esther Perel. It’s a long one, but thoroughly worth it. 

–  I LOVED this article about writing graphic sex scenes into novels – and how it can be great for equality. 

–  With upcoming film Daphne, starring a female heroine with quite the sex drive, an article in The Guardian asks if this is the golden age of slutty cinema. I can’t wait to see this film!

–  For any men who are nervous about bringing sex toys into your relationship, this is the article for you


I really love it when people send me suggestions for articles to include in The High Notes – keep them coming!
Let’s keep elevating the discussion on pleasure. Have a great week.
Always yours,
Stephanie x

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