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The High Notes – Safe Sex, Toys & Erotica

Last updated September 5, 2018

The High Notes – Issue #33

Welcome back to The High Notes – your curation of the best and most pleasurable news from around the world.

This issue, we’re talking about: 

Eclipsing moons.  Erotic fiction.  Vintage x-rated films.  102 years of pornography.  Sex toy benefits.   Teledildonics & patents.  Silver screen safe sex.  Sex trends in China.

STACCATO – short and sharp, quick reads

–  Total eclipse of the heart? Adult platform XHamster reported that viewings were down on average 12% during the peak of the solar eclipse this week (but as much as 43% in some areas!). For comparison, Pornhub reported streaming was down 4.5% for the most recent Game of Thrones launch…

–  Popsugar give us their top 10 picks for erotic books. What’s your favourite sexy read? Hit reply and let me know…

–  Dazed looks at the wildest x-rated films from the ’60s and ’70s. Faster, pussycat!

A PIACERE  – enjoy at your pleasure

–  Let’s be honest: your children will find, and watch, internet porn. Peggy Orenstein discusses how to deal with it in Wired. 

–  In order to test Amazon’s “unlimited” cloud storage, one man downloaded nearly 2 million Gigabytes of adult entertainment 😉 to put that into perspective, it would take you 102 YEARS to watch it all. It’s questionable how he’s obtained his recordings, which were of live cam models, but the project has now “run its course”. 

–  An opinion in this week’s Metro I very much agree with: everyone should own a sex toy – it can improve your sex life in unexpected ways. 
ADAGIO – longer reads, dive a little deeper

–  Have you heard about the teledildonics patent? It has unfortunately led to thedemise of a number of sex toy projects over the past couple of years. So what will happen when it expires in 2018? Say hello to more innovation in sex (hopefully!).

–  Should Hollywood do more to portray safe sex on screen? Arguably, yes. A 2010 study of 350 episodes of TV shows with sex scenes and found only 7% discussed contraception. In 99 out of 102 cases including intercourse, condoms didn’t appear to be used at all.

–  I was fascinated by this article in the Diplomat on sexuality and trends in China. Worth a read.


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