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The High Notes – Kissing, Teen Pregnancy, Nipple Orgasms.

Last updated September 5, 2018

The High Notes – Issue #31

This issue, we’re talking about:

Sex positions.  Turtle gender.  VR porn & fertility.  Kissing right.  Yes, God, Yes.  Age verification.  Dental dams.  Teen pregnancy.  Nipple orgasms.


STACCATO – short and sharp, quick reads

–  100 people shared their favourite sex positions in this short video. Yes, many of them you’ll have heard of, but some are surprisingly specific.

–  Your weird animal news this weekend – scientists have started to use vibrators to find out the sex of turtles. Turtle genitals are concealed, so if an erection doesn’t appear within 10 minutes of buzzing, the scientists assume it’s female.

–  A fertility clinic is using VR pornography to help people deposit their sperm. I hope they have got good aim!

–  New research has shown that we’re more likely to turn our heads to the right when kissing.

A PIACERE  – enjoy at your pleasure

–  A short coming-of-age video about the internet and masturbation has caused quite the sensation. Titled “Yes, God, Yes”, its creator describes it as ‘ a love story between one woman and her vagina’. Read about its reception & watch it here.

–  Age verification is coming. It’s likely to have some pretty serious effects on the adult entertainment industry. Dr Kate Lister argues it’ll also harm our ability to talk about sex. This is a highly worthwhile read, especially for those based in the UK.

–  When was the last time you used a dental dam? Well, precisely. But what does its demise say about our attitudes towards female pleasure?

ADAGIO – longer reads, dive a little deeper

–  Teen pregnancy researchers are trying to regroup after Trump slashed budgets earlier this year. An especially important topic, considering the US has the highest teen birth rate in developed nations: 57 for every 1,000 teens between ages 15 and 19.

–  Warning: this doesn’t have anything to do with sex. But every once in a while I get geekily excited about technology. And this new demo from Augmented Reality firm Wingnut is amazing. Imagine the possibilities…

–  Everything you need to know about nipple orgasms. Because yes, they do exist.


I’ve noticed a rise in articles discussing oral sex safety – and this week’s piece on dental dams adds to my list.

It’s definitely worth consideration if you’re single, in an open relationship or have multiple partners. But it also highlights the slow innovation in the sex industry. Should increased safety always lead to a compromise in pleasure?  Is this truly the best way to protect ourselves?

In other news – relationship coach Jordan Gray gave us his thoughts on Crescendo. Check it out!

Let’s keep elevating the discussion on pleasure. Have some great conversations this week!


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