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The High Notes – Pride, Sex & Wellbeing, Why We Cheat

Last updated December 11, 2018
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The High Notes – Issue #29

Pride — AirBnb sex — Spanking — Sex & age — Vagina dentata — Polyamory — Sex & wellbeing — History of pornography — Why we cheat

STACCATO — short and sharp, quick reads

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A PIACERE — enjoy at your pleasure


ADAGIO — longer reads, dive a little deeper

  • According to the largest study to date, polyamorists are secretive, stigmatised…. but also highly satisfied.
  • Sexuality cannot be ignored. Yet when it comes to discussing wellbeing, it often is. This wonderful study from Psychology Today shows better sex life = happier life. For a profound sense of meaning in your life, have sex.
  • What the history of pornography tells us about sexuality — it’s genuinely fascinating.
  • Why do people in relationships cheat? The Debrief offers a few suggestions to this rather tricky question.


Hope everyone had a great first half of 2017. Can’t quite believe how quickly this year is going!

Have to say, a real highlight for me was this article in Women’s Health that talked about how Crescendo helped someone who was taking antidepressants feel sexual again.

Let’s keep elevating the discussion on pleasure.


Stephanie x

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