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The High Notes — Equality, Orgasm Gap, Mental Health

Last updated September 5, 2018

The High Notes – Issue #28

This issue, we’re talking about: 

Equality. Subservient men. MRI orgasms. Sextech security. Manhood. Evolution. Orgasm gaps. Mental health.

STACCATO — short and sharp, quick reads

  • Taiwan’s top judges have ruled in favour of gay marriage, which means it could be the first place in Asia to legalise same-sex unions. In Ireland, Leo Varadkar is set to become the first gay prime minister.
  • Voluptuous women sitting on subservient men. This is the very not-safe-for-work erotic art of Namio Harukawa.
  • From the archives: here’s a video of 5 women having an orgasm while in an MRI machine. Mind blowing stuff.
Image: Namio Harukawa

A PIACERE — enjoy at your pleasure

  • I recently gave a speech on sextech at The Next Web. As sex toys get smarter, what’s the future of sex, data, privacy and sex toy security? What should we demand from companies making these products? Watch my 20 minute keynote here.
  • Every penis tells a story. In her new book Manhood, Laura Dodsworth photographs and interviews 100 men about theirs.
  • In the US, there’s a dominatrix who dresses up as Hillary Clinton to punish remorseful Trump voters. Tremendous!
  • This New Scientist article on genital evolutionary arms races in beetles is a little bit bizarre…but fascinating. Pretty happy that humans don’t have spiked penises.
Image: The Next Web

ADAGIO — longer reads, dive a little deeper

  • Cosmopolitan discuss the orgasm gap in this very important article. One sentence really struck me: “experts suggest that there is now so much pressure on women to have an orgasm that it becomes the goal of the entire sexual encounter, and then this focus actually backfires”.
  • A new campaign by adult actor Monique Alexander encourages parents to discuss sex, intimacy and relationships with their children before they learn from pornography.
  • Harvard University graduate school for education have published a fantastic report on promoting healthy relationships in young people to prevent misogyny and harassment.
Image: You Beauty


Apologies for the slightly late Notes — I’ve been in Vienna at Pioneers Festival for the last few days.

I had an amazing life-affirming moment this week when I read this article on sex and mental health in Women’s Health magazine — stories like these make all of our hard work at MysteryVibe so worth it. Very proud of the whole team!

Let’s keep elevating the discussion on pleasure.


Stephanie x

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