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The High Notes — Gender, G-Spot, Monogamy

Last updated September 5, 2018

The High Notes – Issue #27

This issue, we’re talking about: 

Gender identity. Sextech incubator. Orgasm. G-spot searches. VR. Evolution of beauty. Digital sexual health. Monogamy.

STACCATO — short and sharp, quick reads

  • What if we talked about other things the same way we talk about gender identity? Fabulously written. Here’s the one for sex: Sex: “The missionary position is the natural sexual position. People are genetically predisposed to it.”
  • To coincide with Paris’ first sex tech hack, Marc Dorcel is launching a sextech incubator in France (press release in French).
  • A new photo series captures people’s faces at the moment of orgasm.


A PIACERE — enjoy at your pleasure

  • “Do women have a G-spot?” is one of Google’s most common searches. One of my favourite writers (and favourite people) Nichi Hodgson answers it with aplomb.
  • It’s something I bang on about all the time… and this new article sums it up perfectly: sex education needs to pay more attention to masturbation.
  • Last week, Human Computer Interaction experts at Newcastle University presented their most recent findings, discussing how Virtual Reality is changing the way we experience pornography. They highlighted some potential dangers as the tech becomes more popular.
  • How beauty may have evolved for pleasure, not function. A fascinating look at evolutionary biology, and how we may need to rethink the evolution of beauty, desire and attraction.
Source: Newcastle University

ADAGIO — longer reads, dive a little deeper

  • It’s a couple of months old, but this is a fascinating report into youth and digital sexual health. Many young people are now turning away from certified websites and simply to Google to answer their sexual health questions. Does Google have a responsibility to them to provide better information?
  • Is an open marriage a happier marriage? Read some stories of non-monogamous couples.
Image: New York Times


Great news — we were nominated for Best Hardware Startup at The Europas, the European startup awards! Please go and vote for us!

Finally — this week I was on stage at The Next Web talking about sextech, data and privacy in a works of hacking. Video to follow in next edition, once it’s on youTube!

Let’s keep elevating the discussion on pleasure.


Stephanie Alys x

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