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The High Notes — Polyamory, Photography, Sexting

Last updated September 5, 2018

The High Notes — Issue #20

Teledildonics; mile high; sext emojis; mind control; stock photography; polyamory.

It’s here. Val-Day. There’s always amazing content around pleasure in February, so for this bumper issue I’ve curated the best of the best and added some of my favourite videos. Enjoy!

ALLEGRO — joyful VDay Videos!

  • Dreamed about joining the mile high club? Make sure you don’t get caught!
  • Virgin dropped a wonderful ad this week — we think they won the VDay Airline ad battle! #LoveIsInTheAir
  • Coco de Mer enlisted Pamela Anderson for their most recent video, designed to turn VDay on its head. We love it!

STACCATO — short and sharp, quick reads


A PIACERE — enjoy at your pleasure

Picture: Getty Images

ADAGIO — longer reads, dive a little deeper

  • London’s Science Museum just opened a really cool exhibition on robots. Pssst — they’re planning a Museum Lates themed around the future of sex in June. Make sure you grab a ticket!
  • The state of Virginia has tried to ban all adult entertainment… because watching it ‘leads to people having orgies’. If only.
  • This month Metro tackled the question: how do I get my ex to remove naked pictures of me? Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer for this one.
  • The sex workers telling their own stories through art. This exhibition, created by 19 Bay Area sex workers, presents a more nuanced view of their day to day work.
  • There is nothing unusual about wanting a polyamorous relationship in 2017. So why do so many people feel like they need to keep it secret?

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