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MysteryVibe brings Pleasure IoT to Pirate Summit

Last updated September 5, 2018
MysteryVibe brings Pleasure IoT to Pirate Summit

First SexTech company to be nominated to The Europas and featured in VirginVOOM, MysteryVibe is changing perceptions on pleasure, powered by StartupSesame.

Cologne, Sep 02, 2016 — British pleasure products company MysteryVibe is revolutionising the bedroom, starting with the release of the world’s first platform vibrator, Crescendo. Having just finished shipping the pilot 1000 units to their crowdfunding and pre-order backers in 51 countries, the company has attracted praise for bringing discussions around pleasure to the mainstream, by presenting and exhibiting at major tech conferences around the world.

 Virgin Voom 2016 export award

Earlier this year, they made history by becoming the first ever pleasure product company to be a finalist at the prestigious Europas awards, in the Best Hardware Startup category. This was on the back of their feature in Virgin VOOM2016 under the Export Awards. These build upon the success of their seminal #MysteryCampaign on Thunderclap, which promoted the concept of pleasure as empowering.

At Pirate Summit, MysteryVibe co-founder and CEO will be participating in the highly anticipated IoT panel to talk about the need for seamless interfaces and thought-through design considerations around data privacy. You can also find their flagship product, Crescendo, at their exhibition stand all day on the 06th.

As the only pleasure toy in the world that can bend in multiple ways, Crescendo provides a truly personalised experience. Users can individually control the vibrations of Crescendo’s six powerful, quiet motors, and create their own custom vibe files, or ‘vibes’, with the toy’s app. Crescendo is completely waterproof and wireless, charging inductively on its own charging pod that can double as a smartphone charger.

Quick list of key points

  • $150k+ from pre-orders
  • 1m+ in social reach on Thunderclap for its empowering campaign
  • First pleasure products company to be represented at Pirate Summit, Arctic15, Pioneers Festival, Bits & Pretzels, TechOpenAir, Slush, DLD, NOAH and many others.
  • First pleasure product company to win StartupSesame
  • First pleasure product company to be an Europas awards nominee (Best Hardware Startup)
  • First pleasure product company to be featured by Virgin in their VOOM competition

“Pleasure is the pulse of life,” said Stephanie Alys, Co Founder and Chief Pleasure Officer, MysteryVibe. “What’s more, no two bodies are exactly the same — everyone experiences pleasure in different ways, with their own individual tastes. By developing Crescendo, we wanted to create a product that could be truly personal, so that we could empower people to explore their own pleasure, in a way that was unique to them.”

Crescendo is the first in a series of products developed by MysteryVibe that aim to improve sexual health and pleasure. MysteryVibe’s unique approach to technology and sexuality strive to make relationships more fun, open up conversations, and empower individuals to take control of their pleasures.

MysteryVibe’s wider goal is to bring mainstream talent and tech to make relationships more fun, open up conversations and empower individuals to take control of their pleasures. Their vision is to apply Big Data and IoT to pleasure, make all that information openly available and support the medical & research communities to address health issues in a positive informed way. They believe that an enlightened and liberal society is a safer & happier one.

About MysteryVibe

MysteryVibe is a British health and lifestyle company aimed at increasing pleasure in the bedroom. Founded in 2014, their flagship product, Crescendo, is a revolutionary new vibrator that can be bent to flex and form to the user’s body and offer countless vibrations for a truly personalized pleasure experience. For more information, get in touch at


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