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#MysteryCampaign 2016 — powered by Startup Sesame

Last updated October 29, 2018
#MysteryCampaign 2016 — powered by Startup Sesame

The largest European alliance of events embraces MysteryVibe to bring pleasure conversations to major EU conferences.

We are thrilled to be selected to be a part of Startup Sesame’s 2016 cohort. A young event accelerator, Startup Sesame helps startups build out their networks across Europe by taking them on a year-long tour of major tech events across the continent.

As’s Robin Wauters puts it: “The connections among European digital ecosystems enable startups to push beyond their limits, accelerate their growth and prosper by developing powerful international networks. Startup Sesame is the first program that focuses on these connections and gives the most promising entrepreneurs premium access to some of the most coveted Tech events in Europe and a strong network of mentors from around the world.

Our StartupSesame journey started last week with DigiTalk in Sofia, and incredible melting pot for meeting inspiring people like Qasar and Paul Papadimitriou and hearing their incredible journey. We were invited to pitch alongside 14 amazing startups at their LAUNCHub + Microsoft Ventures Startup Competition in front top judges like Max Kelly, Warwick Hill & Oliver Holle.

DigiTalks we loved …

… related to, got inspired by and learnt greatly from:

And the best bits

Our favourite fireside chat: super Colette Ballou interviewing our very own StartupSesame mentor and Eventbrite co-founder Renaud Visage.

and the best bits

The high point of the trip was being invited by the gracious French ambassador, Monsieur Xavier Lapeyre de Cabanes @France_Bulgarie, to his residence and being congratulate for winning Startup Sesame!

And finally, our number 1 takeaway from the conference: Steli Efti’s “How to Go from 1 to 1000 Customers” :

until next time

Until next time …

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