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The High Notes – Forecasting Foreplay, Redfining Relationships

Last updated September 5, 2018
The High Notes – Forecasting Foreplay, Redfining Relationships

The High Notes: Issue #5

VR festival; forecasting foreplay; Olympic sex; redefining relationships; love dolls.

STACCATO — short and sharp, quick reads

Private messages that can magically disappear are being trialled by Facebook. Wonder what they might be used for…

Japan had to cancel a Virtual Reality sex festival prematurely after too many people showed up. The exhibits included VR porn, sex toys and a machine that simulates feeling a breast using cardboard and air.

Here’s a visually stimulating gallery of vintage dominatrix photographs.

Image: Facebook

A PIACERE — enjoy at your pleasure

Forecasting foreplay: how trend research helped MysteryVibe create the world’s first truly adaptable sex toy.

Organisers at the 2016 Olympics will be giving out 450,000 condoms to athletes. That’s 42 each. 175,000 sachets of lube will also be available. Trip to Rio, anyone?

In need of some quality Summer reading? Check out this curated list of erotica written by women on Refinery29.

Politics gets dirty — a video of British Leave campaigner Boris Johnson found its way onto PornHub with the title: “Dumb British blond f**ks 15 million people at once.”

A new study published in the Journal of Sex Research suggests that Americans are increasingly interested in ‘consensual non-monogamous’ relationships: where partners permit each other to have multiple sexual and/or romantic relationships.

Image: Seymourpowell

ADAGIO — longer reads, dive a little deeper

Another new study this month suggests that women who believe aspects of ‘benevolent sexism’, or perceive their partners to be selfish in the bedroom, are less likely to orgasm.

Bringing the artificial to life through photography: this Instagrammer documents day-to-day life with his love doll, Eva.

Speaking of dolls… ever wondered how they’re made? Head on over to Bustle, where Lea Rose Emery reveals all.


Over the next couple of weeks I’m appearing on a couple of panels — first in Shoreditch, London then at Tech Open Air in Berlin. If you’re in either of those cities, come and say hello! We’ll be talking robotics, AI, morality and future trends in sex.

Let’s keep elevating the discussion on pleasure. 

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