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The High Notes - VR, Sextortion, Sexual Preference

Last updated September 5, 2018

The High Notes: Issue #17

Adult ban; sexual orientation; VR; GIFs; sextech hackathon; sextortion

Welcome to the first High Notes of 2017!

The High Notes aims to bring you the best & most interesting news on sextech & the future of sex. 

STACCATO — short and sharp, quick reads

A new bill filed in South Carolina, USA, could block all adult content on newly bought tech devices. You’d need to pay the government to remove the block. Seriously…?!

The Kinsey scale has long been used to define sexual orientation. But it’s a bit…limited. Enter the new Purple-Red scale, which is a little more comprehensive.

VR for adult entertainment — check out Badoink’s infographic on who’s watching what, with which device.

Here’s 11 (safe for work) GIFs that try to show what an orgasm feels like.

Image: Badoink

A PIACERE — enjoy at your pleasure

In December, academics convened at Goldsmiths University London for the 2nd Congress on Love and Sex with Robots. The conference discussed themes such as data, law and teledildonics, with a strong focus on ethics. Well worth reading a summary here.

The Congress also hosted a sextech hackathon, which I was delighted to be asked to judge. With 14 very strong teams, the hack covered both software and hardware. Girl on the Net did a fantastic write up, but you can also check out tweets from the event on #sextechhack.

Image: the sextech hackathon at Goldsmiths

ADAGIO — longer reads, dive a little deeper

Interested in the history of the vibrator? Tune in to the Future of Sex podcast episode 5, where the wonderful Bryony Cole explores the hysterical past and tech-driven future of your favourite vibrating toy. Listen out for yours truly!

A lot of men have sex with their male friends, without identifying as bisexual or gay. This piece from NY Magazine explores the topic, looking at how our conception of sexuality and identity is changing. Worth a read.

Black Mirror comes true… there has been a major rise in the reporting of webcam blackmail amongst young men, where criminals use fake profiles to lure people into performing sex acts on camera. Being referred to as ‘sextortion’, has also been noted as the cause of four suicides in 2016.


You made it! A very Happy New Year from all of us at MysteryVibe.

The end of the year was exciting for me, topped off by judging the sextech hackathon. It was so incredible to see what teams created within the short space of 48 hours. Definitely recommend checking out the article I posted above.

With 2017 now here, it’s safe to say that change is a-coming. I think 2016 took us all a little bit by surprise. We’re already working hard to promote sex positivity & love in 2017. Love always wins in the end.

Let’s elevate the discussion on pleasure even higher this year.

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