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The High Notes  – Sex Ambulance, Male Pregnancy, Monogamy

Last updated September 24, 2018

The High Notes: Issue #15

Sensual Instagram; Changing Attitudes to Monogamy; Benefits of Sex Without Orgasm; VR; Sex Ambulance; Male Pregnancy

STACCATO — short and sharp, quick reads

It has been a while since I recommended an Instagram account, but this one is just wonderful. Artist Tina Maria Elena Bak’s paintings are incredibly sensual.

What would you say if your partner asked to sleep with someone else? This very quick study shows how our attitudes to monogamy are changing.

Image: Tina Maria Elena Bak

A PIACERE — enjoy at your pleasure

This article from Alternet briefly explores the benefits of sex without orgasm. It’s not a race, people!

According to a new study, only 16% of women are up for virtual reality sex, which seems pretty small. My take on this would be that the tech is not quite there yet, and there’s not enough content being developed for women. One to keep an eye on.

Are we more drawn to those who do good deeds? New research claims that altruistic people have more sexual partners.

ADAGIO — longer reads, dive a little deeper

When the sex is fantastic, but you just can’t sleep next to each other. According to researchers, around 35–40% of couples are “sleep incompatible”.

A serious one here — the UK is banning “non-conventional” porn and it could censor huge parts of the web. Who decides what is “conventional”?!

A social entrepreneur Copenhagen has launched a sex ambulance service, designed to create a safe space for sex workers who are at risk of violence or exploitation.

Finally, here’s a bit of a curveball — male pregnancy is technically within reach, but will society allow it?


Hello from Riga, Latvia!

I was very concerned recently to read more about the UK’s banning of “non-conventional” porn, as per one of the articles above. If you haven’t already, I urge you to read around this topic (and age verification) as it sets a dangerous precedent. For more on this, I suggest following Pandora Blake.

In better news, it’s our 15th issue! I do hope you’re enjoying The High Notes !

Let’s keep elevating the discussion on pleasure.

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