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The High Notes — Virtual Reality, Orgasm, Nerds

Last updated September 5, 2018

 The High Notes: Issue #1 

50 Nerds of Grey; virtual reality; airport security; classical sculptures; types of orgasm

At MysteryVibe HQ we spend a lot of time researching pleasure, so we thought we’d share the love. Our goal is to bring you the most pleasurable news from across the world, direct to your inbox.

Every other week we’ll be sharing things that have caught our attention and tickled our fancy. Topics will range from sex to art, food, aural delights and cool new technology.


  • NB: Many of the Notes are NSFW.

STACCATO — short and sharp, quick reads

London’s new naked restaurant has over 36,000 people on its waiting list. Get in line!

If you haven’t seen 50 Nerds of Grey yet… you’re in for a treat. This Twitter account had us in stitches all week.

Like sex? A fan of comics? Head on over to Kickstarter to support our friends at Oh Joy Sex Toy, as they produce their 3rd volume of saucy sketches. Another crowdfund that caught our eye was this erotic colouring book.

A PIACERE — enjoy at your pleasure

Have you swallowed a postman’s sock? Fallen like a pine tree? These wonderful illustrations show some of the most unusual and romantic love idioms from around the world. We’ve seen the green bird.

We absolutely loved this viral video of Animal courtships re-enacted by humans.

When it comes to Virtual Reality and sex, do you want your content pre-recorded or live? Motherboard reports that many companies are now betting you’ll want the latter.

How to get your vibrator through airport security. We’re asked this question on a regular basis, so were happy to see Broadly have written a little guide!

Challenging taboos. Over in Canada, a group of performers who have disabilities will bare their hearts and bodies in a new burlesque cabaret that includes a wheelchair striptease.

Do you “reach out” to a potential date on an app? Then “follow up”? Moira Weigel explores the economic metaphors we use to describe romantic and sexual relations.

Meet the woman fighting to normalise female toplessness. #FreeTheNipple.

ADAGIO — longer reads, dive a little deeper

Porn Isn’t Ruining Your Sex Life: in this piece the wonderful Lux Alptraum argues that instead of a backlash against porn, we need more open and honest discussion around sex, pleasure and consent. Highly recommended.

Ever wondered why classical sculptures are modestly endowed? The answer lies in societal views on penis size during that period.

Our friends over at Tabú interviewed revolutionary indie erotic film director Erika Lust. A fascinating read.

How to advocate for your own orgasm & pleasure. Pitched at women, but very applicable for men too. Everyone deserves pleasure.

Hold up, just how many types of orgasm are there? Charlotte Shane takes a deeper look into the topic this week in The Verge. It’s well worth a read.


You made it!

We designed The High Notes to make your life feel a bit more sexy, but hopefully you’ll also find a little nugget you can pull out at your next dinner party to spice up the conversation.

We’re all about opening dialogue and elevating the discussion on all things pleasure, so we’d love to hear your thoughts! Email at with ideas, feedback, or to suggest topics you’d like to hear more about.

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