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5 Sexy Movies to Watch on Halloween

Last updated October 30, 2018
5 Sexy Movies to Watch on Halloween

What does Halloween mean for you? Trick or treating? Carving pumpkins? Toffee apples? Midnight viewing of The Nightmare Before Christmas (even though it’s not Christmas)?

What about a saucy witching outfit? Or a sultry skeleton? Whatever tradition you opt for, there’s no denying that scary can be sexy.

So, we decided to put together a list of the sexiest scary movies for you to enjoy on Halloween (when you’re not indulging in decadent sweets and/or role-play).

1. Bram Stoker’s Dracula

I know we’re not the first ones to think that Dracula is HOT. This 1992 adaptation of the classic romantic horror story teases you with playful seduction, sensuality and the occasional bite here and there.

2. Basic Instinct

Sharon Stone is the sexy crime novelist you always wish you could be in this noir erotic thriller. Famously attracting a lot of controversy over its graphic sex scenes and depiction of violence, this is a classic for anyone looking for a night of seduction…

3. From Dusk Til Dawn

We’re back to vampires again with this rare combination of action and horror. Salma Hayek teaches us all a thing or two about seduction in her iconic sexy snake, toe sucking dance scene which is sure to leave most of your mouths wide open wanting more.

4. Cat People

Okay, so incest probably isn’t your thing… and this movie has a lot of it. However, the sexual awakening of our lead character leads to a steamy hand-tied sex scene before she inevitably turns to her were-cat heritage – and transforms into a black leopard.

5. American Psycho

If you’re going to get brutally murdered by a serial killer, you can only hope that the killer is as suave (and pleasantly nude) as Christian Bale in American Psycho. This one boasts one of the most memorable threesomes in horror movie history… what more could you want this Halloween!?

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