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In Defence of Sex Robots

Last updated September 5, 2018
In Defence of Sex Robots

“We should ban sex robots”

“Sex robots can be trained to kill us”

“Sex robots are replacing real women”

These are just a few of the headlines swooping across the nation recently. That being so, it would be downright foolish to come out in support of robotic sex aids, right? Well, looks like we didn’t get that memo…

We’ve heard so much negativity about sex robots that it makes you wonder why they’re not yet banned.

This got us thinking, what if they’re not as dangerous as the media suggests… what if they could actually help people?

Our founder, Stephanie Alys, explores this notion in her recent piece for IBTimes. But here’s a quick summary for those who want a little taster:

Sex robot tech isn’t as advanced as you think

Contrary to popular belief, the technology currently used in sex robots is basic. It’s nowhere near as advanced as we’ve been led to believe. At the moment, they’re set up of simple processors that allow them to hear and offer a limited amount of responses.

Sex robots could help those more vulnerable

We’ve heard a lot about people using sex robots for penis-in-(robot)vagina sex. But there’s more to it than that. Sex is never just about orgasm or physical sensation – it is often a boost to mental and physical health. So, a sex robot could be a companion rather than just a sexual partner.

Sex robots could act as a therapeutic stimulus for people who struggle to have sex, or develop intimate relationships with other people. Additionally, although those currently on the market are almost exclusively designed to look like slim women, there is nothing to stop manufacturers developing more diverse models.

We decide what’s good or bad

Critics are too quick to blame sex robots. We have a responsibility to ensure sexual aids are ethically made, and created to help improve lives and society.

We can’t blame a robot for being good or bad, because they’re a reflection of the intentions of its human creator – the manufacturer.

Think about this: If we made sex robots that only possessed good intentions, how could that change society? We think, for the better.

The full version of this blog was posted on IBTimes. Check it out here.

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