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How To Christmas-ify Your Crescendo

Last updated December 21, 2018
How to christmasify your Crescendo

This simple guide will help you turn your Crescendo into the perfect Christmas treat.

Step 1:

After downloading the MysteryApp, you need to connect Crescendo.

Tap to connect by holding down the arrow up (^) button on your Crescendo.

Now, it should say ‘Crescendo Found’ .

step 1

Step 2:

Take the big circle in the middle and drag it down to access the Vibe Store.

Here, you’ll find over 50 vibes to explore until your heart (or genitals) are content.

step 2

Your Crescendo can only hold up to 12 vibration patterns at one time, but you can always swap and change them whenever you like.

If your Crescendo is full, you’ll need to remove some of the pre-set vibes on your Crescendo, before you can add the new Christmas Vibes.

Do this by tapping on the tick button of the vibration pattern that says ‘On Crescendo’ like the Sensual Edge pattern above.

The tick next to the Vibe will then turn into a plus (+).

Step 3:

Once you have removed some of your Vibes on  (if you’d like to add all six Christmas vibes, you’ll need to remove six), you can now start to have some festive fun!

You’ll find the Christmas vibrations are labelled with ‘Xmas’ for example, ‘Xmas – Rudolph’.

Scroll to find the Christmas vibes you want, and click on the downwards arrow button. Now your vibes will begin to download.

Once downloaded, you’ll need to add them to Crescendo by clicking on the plus (+) button. Now see the vibes are being added to Crescendo.

step 3

Step 4:

Now it’s time to play!

Tap on your hovering circle button (it’s bluey purple now) and swipe up to play.

Here you will find all of the vibes on your Crescendo.

Swipe through and play with the intensity scroll at the bottom.

step 4

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