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Enhance the experience of Crescendo with our sensual playlist of custom vibrations. In sync. In touch. In control.


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About Mysteryapp

The MysteryVibe App is inspired by deep research and designed with a human touch.

Extending the personalisability of Crescendo, it lets you take control of Crescendo's vibrations to suit your

Reflecting the sensitivity and sensuality of physical contact, the App evokes your senses and enriches the connection between your pleasure and your Crescendo.

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Using Mysteryapp

With the stunning, intuitive, graphical interface connecting Crescendo to the app is seamless.

Find your favourite vibration patterns, download countless new ones for free, create your pleasure playlist, lie back and enjoy.

Create your very own patterns. Live control Crescendo for the ultimate partner play. Add, remove and re-arrange Vibes on your Crescendo. And more. Much more.

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